Troy Glover

Year Elected ALS Fellow: 

Troy Glover is Professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo and Director of the Healthy Communities Research Network. Focused mostly within an urban context, his research explores the role(s) of leisure in advancing or deterring community. Professor Glover's work within the areas of social capital (the value of social connections) and transformative placemaking (the practice of shaping community spaces to create positive change) aims to expose social inequities to encourage critical reflection about exclusive practices or policies that privilege certain groups over others and to advance social innovation. Much of his research favours a social ethic whereby community members are knowers of their own lived experiences with capabilities and entitlements to forward their own visions of a healthy community. Thus, Prof. Glover’s research is also aimed at engaging community members directly in dialogue to envision their aspirations for the future of their community.