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Group membership information

The Academy of Leisure Sciences  is dedicated to the advancement of leisure sciences. Its primary purpose is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds, academic and otherwise, who share a mutual interest in better understanding the roles of leisure in life, including various contexts of recreation, parks, tourism, outdoor adventure, health and therapy, and sport.

Membership is open to all scholars, educators, and students in the diverse field of leisure studies, and all members participate in the Academy’s growth and development by serving on committees, standing for governing offices, and otherwise creating the Academy’s future. We want to build a caring and connected professional community.

For group memberships, please call Kelly at 217-819-5994

Institution Membership 1 - 4 Faculty/Staff (4 Free Student Memberships Included) - $150.00

Institution Membership 5 - 9 Faculty/Staff (9 Free Student Memberships Included) - $300.00

Institution Membership 10 - 20 Faculty/Staff (20 Free Student Memberships Included) - $500.00

Institution Membership More than 20 Faculty/Staff (50 Free Student Memberships Included) - $1,000.00


Here are several reasons for leisure-related scholars to join the Academy:

  1. Belong to a worldwide network of people interested in advancing leisure sciences.
  2. Take an active role in decision-making and steering the Academy in directions relevant to your scholarship. 
  3. Be a member of an online list serve where you can contribute to questions, answers, issues, ideas, and thoughts for the future of science and practice in the leisure professions.
  4. Gain access to scholars and professionals in a wide range of related disciplines to partner and collaborate on scholarship and the advancement of the professions.
  5. Connect with colleagues at gatherings and social events at national conferences and meetings.
  6. Receive discounted rates to Academy-sponsored teaching workshops and research symposia.
  7. Receive discounts from various vendors who sponsor the Academy:
    Sagamore Publishing - use TALSMEMDIS discount code for an additional 20% off books and ebooks
    Halcomb Hathaway Publishers - use ALSMEMDIS discount code for an additional 10% off books and ebooks
  8. Receive a complimentary electronic copy of PALAESTRA.
  9. Support the Future Scholars Endowment Fund by participating in the Challenge Grant.

Current Academy-Sponsored Activities

  • The Research and Teaching Institute
  • The Academy/NRS Annual Networking Social
  • The annual George Butler Lecture at NRPA
  • Partnerships with the World Leisure Organization and the Tourism Research Center associated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Peer-recognition through awards for Leadership for the Future, Excellence in Teaching, Innovation in Teaching, and the Best Student Abstract (in conjunction with the Journal of Leisure Research)
  • ANZALS partnership

Enjoy the satisfaction of becoming a founding member of the newly reconstituted Academy by joining us right now!